Introducing the

An index and smart contract that make it easy to own the top Ethereum tokens.

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Buy and transfer multiple ERC20 tokens in a single transaction — all without holding many tokens


Get exposure to the most popular native Ethereum ERC20 tokens weighted by market cap


Convert your Ethereum10 tokens for the underlying tokens without trusting any third party

Bskt makes it easy

Bskt makes it easy to create portfolios of Ethereum ERC20 tokens, like the Ethereum10. To learn more, see our whitepaper or our code.

“Ethereum10 is an elegant way to combine multiple tokens into one, and is built by a great team.”
Richard Craib, CEO Numerai

Our Team

Our team is composed of engineers from Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of Waterloo. We've helped write key documentation in Ethereum, designed tools at Uber, designed products at Wildfire Interactive, and advised leading US banks.